Oil and Gas Insurance

Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc. provides qualitative and professional services in all classes of insurance business namely: General Insurance & Risk Management Solutions.

Platforms-Pipelines- Facilities

Offshore property including but not limited to, fixed offshore installations, pipelines, flow lines and cables, including all plant equipment, consumables, well head equipment and all other property, crude oil, and/or gas, and /or condensate in store. This section covers loss; damage or expense caused to the properties insured.

Pile Drilling Barges

Hull and Machinery of drilling and accommodation barge(s) including equipment of every description owned or hired by you.

Vessel Crafts

    • Hulls, Machinery, Equipment, Appurtenances, Gear, Stingers, Buy Gear, Cranes, Derricks, etc.
    • Increased value of Hull Machinery, Equipment, Etc.
    • Use and occupancy and /or insured’s interest

Limited Terrorist Coverage

This indemnifies for claims for loss and/or damage and/or liability and/or cost and/or expense, which would be recoverable under section 1a, b & c above.