Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance is that class of Insurance which deals with the insurance of machines, plants, equipment or civil works and can be classified under the following:

Contractors All Risks:

This is required mainly by Civil Contractors contacted to do civil works such as the building of houses, construction of roads or bridges, laying of pipes, railways or other civil works. The purpose of the policy is to provide indemnity (protection) for losses or damages which may arise to the civil work in the course of such a contract. The scope of cover includes contract work or material damage and third-party liability sections and other extensions that may be required based on the nature of the contract.

Machinery Breakdown:

This policy insures mainly mechanical plants and equipment against breakdown whether the insured property is at work or at rest, or dismantled for the purpose of cleaning, overhauling, or it is being shifted within the premises, or in course of subsequent re-erection. The insured’s property is covered as long as it remains on the premises specified in the schedule.

Plants All Risks:

This policy insures against all risks of direct physical loss of or damage to the property insured from any external cause directly resulting by fire, lightning, hail, windstorm, explosion, riot attending a strike, civil commotion, of the insured equipment.

Computer All Risks:

This is an all risk policy providing indemnity against all forms of damages or losses except those specifically excluded by the policy. The policy is in three parts or sections namely material damage, loss of data and an increase in the cost of working. Material damage section covers damage to physical components known as hardware. Loss or Damage or External Data Media and Expenses for reconstruction & Re-recording of information stored thereon. While an increase in the cost of working covers the additional cost incurred in restoring the date media.

Boiler and Pressure Vessels:

Boiler Insurance deals with the insurance of industrial boilers. Boiler means any closed vessel – fired electrically or otherwise heated or unfired – wherein steam is generated or which contains steam, gas, air, gas vapours or liquid under pressure including fittings, pipes and direct attachments which are connected to the plant, boiler or vessel without intervening value or cock. Damages may arise through collapse, explosion or breakdown. The inspection is a statutory requirement for Boiler and Pressure vessels.

Tank Insurance:

This class of Insurance policy is issued on tank and silos used in storing industrial raw materials and finished goods such as wheat in flour mills, breweries and petroleum products. There are two sections in the policy namely:

  • Damage to Tank: The insurance by this section is in respect of accidental damage to the Tanks/Silos described in the schedule caused by bursting, splitting, rupture, collapse or any other accidental cause not hereinafter excluded.
  • Loss of Content: The insurance by this Section is in respect of the loss of contents of any Tank/Silos described in the Schedule.