Law Union & Rock Insurance plc wins WEBJURIST AWARD

March 09th, 2018

Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc recently won the Phillips Consulting’s WebJurist Award 2014 as the best in ‘Website Customer Experience’ in the – Insurance category.

In a statement by the Managing Director, Law Union, Mrs. Toyin Ogunseye, on Friday, “The award was for various website categories covering three sectors – Banking, Telecommunications and the Insurance Industry.

“Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc emerged as the best in website customer experience which included customization, investor information and contact details performance in the insurance industry.

The WebJurist Award is the result of research conducted into website best practices and effectiveness.

“Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc was one of the three nominees. The firm was nominated for the first time in 10 years. Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc was also commended for taking steps in the right direction,”

Law Union provides professional services in all classes of insurance business namely: General Insurance and Risk Management Solutions.

The company has in place corporate governance structure to achieve sustainable shareholder value enhancement, and also deliver efficient and effective services to customers and other stakeholders generally.