i-care Insurance

Class: Personal Accident Cover For Families

This is a family personal accident cover. It is purposely designed to help families prepare and recover from losses or damages that could result from accidents to all persons listed as members of the family insured.

The scope of cover are:

Bodily injury requiring substantial amount of money to be spent on medical bills or specialist care or oversea treatment.

Permanent disability preventing the person from carrying on with his/her regular business or activities.

Accident Death and funeral/related expenses.
Injury, permanent disability or death resulting from armed robbery attack.

Bronze Plan

Medical Expenses up to N250,000
Permanent Disability up to N100,000
Accident Death up to N40, 000

Silver Plan

Medical Expenses up to N500,000
Permanent Disability up to N150,000
Accident Death up to N50,000

Gold Plan

Medical Expenses up to N750,000
Permanent Disability up to N200,000
Accident Death up to N80,000

Diamond Plan

Medical Expenses up to N1,000,000
Permanent Disability up to N100,000
Accident Death up to N25,000


Bronze Plan N6,400
Silver Plan N12,500
Gold Plan N18,700
Diamond Plan N25,000


Mass Market product designed for:

Families that are not covered under the personal accident insurance of their spouse and do not have any personal insurance cover.


This product will fill the risk need-gap of up to 10 Million persons who can afford to pay for it. We target just 1% first year post-launch