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  • Operation Extra Expenses

    Interests covered under this section include:

    • Control of Well Insurance

      This indemnifies the insured for the actual cost and/or attempting to regain control or all wells, insured, which get out of control.

    • Re-drilling/Extra Expense Insurance

      Indemnifies the insured for the actual cost and/or expense reasonably incurred to restore or re-drill a well insured or any part thereof, which has been lost or otherwise damaged.

    • Seepage and Pollution, Clean-up and Contamination Insurance
      • This indemnifies the insured for bodily injury (fatal or non-fatal) and/or loss or damage to or loss of use of property caused directly or indirectly by seepage;
      • The cost of removing nullifying or cleaning seepage, pollution or contaminating substances emanating from the wells.
      • The cost and expenses incurred in the defense of any claim or claims resulting from actual or alleged seepage, pollution or contamination.
    • Limited Terrorist Coverage

      This indemnifies the insured for claims for claims for loss and/or damaged and/or liability and/or cost and/or expense. This is recoverable under section 1a, b and c above.